Thankfulness From the Heart - A Little Heart to Heart

November 13, 2013

This is a confession from a middle child who is an over-achiever! My vision for Habitué is that I want to wow you! I want you to be so impressed that you think and speak very well of my coffeehouse!  It would be nice if I could say that my motives are always good and pure, but I am human and that is not always so.  One thing that has been said of me and that I try to live out, is that I am honest and make myself vulnerable.  In other words, I am not going to try to pull the wool over your eyes.  In fact, I have learned in life, that I can be true to who I am and to who God has called me to be, by laying it all on the table.  Quite a confession, when I can say that I can admit my pride and arrogance and in the same breath - know that my admission of that is in weakness and yet brings me God’s strength.  How does that happen??  


I am so thankful that many years ago I came to this truth in my life and gained a different perspective about integrity.  Integrity is not being perfect or thinking that I ever could be.  Integrity to me and in my growth over the years, is about being honest about my shortcomings and being willing to take the necessary steps to learn and seek help to overcome.  Part of my past is that when I learned and admitted that I had great character flaws, that I would try harder to overcome on my own and somehow I believed the lie, that I could.  Arrogance again in me.  The truth is and was, that I am powerless to change myself.  That was very freeing in itself to realize.  


I say all this to say that I am so thankful to God for the lessons He has taught me and ways He has changed me through the years.  I want and need change in my heart and life.  Period.  Here I am again, in need of change and growth and seeking help.  This always happens for me at the feet of Jesus and so - here I am Jesus.  My best days are when I serve You and others in my weakness and not when I feel strong.  I am so thankful for Your grace that changes me.



- Cheryl Wells
Owner, Habitué Coffeehouse & Bakery