A Flavorful January

January 09, 2014

We’re pretty sure you’ve noticed by now that we don’t carry every cupcake, cookie or muffin that’s in our flavor arsenal every day. That would be outrageous! To ensure the sanity of our incredible baking team, we’ve put them on a rotation. Well now it’s time to celebrate! Some of our most popular items are back on the menu for their time in the spotlight again. Our Carrot Cake cupcake and Cookies & Cream cupcakes are ready and waiting for you in our bakery case. We also have some new Cinnamon Mocha muffins and our Macadamia Nut cookies are back for you to enjoy as well!


To warm up on these blustery days, you could try a Cinnamon Hazelnut latte or a smooth cup of chai. (Yum!)