We Made It!

January 09, 2014

Yes, 2014 is here!  I am so thankful for this new year and that we are here to see it!  Not only are we blessed to be in 2014, but we are Habitué Coffeehouse & Bakery!  There’s a lot going on in our kitchen and our ovens are hot and full!  Check out our baked goods case and I want to thank our bakers for all their hard work!  Brad Powell is our Head Baker and we have been so blessed by Brad and his creativity and precision when he is in the house!  Please stop in sometime this month and ask for Brad and let him know what you think.  There are several reasons for that.  One is that Brad would like to know what you think and he loves to talk with our guests about that.  The second is that we think he deserves some warm fuzzies and it would refresh him!  Another reason we want you to stop is that Brad will be leaving Habitué the end of January, and he is also leaving Le Mars.  I will let him tell you about it and please know that Brad is and has always been a great part of our leadership team.  He is leaving blessed and we feel blessed for having him here, and a part of the family!  God has great things in store for him and we are excited for him! 


We have some exciting things happening in our Coffeehouse & Bakery and we have been successful in reaching our goals that we set for sustainability also!  We could share a report card so to speak, but an easy explanation is that we have cut our labor and expenses, and we are looking at our key performance indicators and my coach says that I made it!  Nothing like celebrating in a New Year!  So Happy New Year and God bless you all with His grace and peace.  I am pretty happy and ready for 2014.  May this be a year of good change as God opens doors for you, trust His provision and His plan.



Cheryl Wells
Owner, Habitué Coffeehouse and Bakery