Sitting in Solitude

February 03, 2014

We want to invite you to come next door to The Living Center and visit our House of Prayer.  It is a beautifully prepared room that is very peaceful and inviting.  If you are carrying a heavy load or want to seek God for His heart or for a need in your life, please come.  You can sit there and find a quiet place to seek and receive all God might want to do in your mind and heart.  It is open every day from 8:30-4:30.  There is worship and prayer every morning from 8:30 till 9AM and all are welcome for this.  The rest of the day it is open for you to just sit and pray, or meditate on the scriptures.  Maybe you just need silence.  Our prayer is that you will connected to the Life of Jesus and receive His grace.  Be blessed. 


“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10