March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Habitué!   It is birthday month here at Habitué and we can’t believe that it has been 4 years!  For our birthday month we are announcing a new latte and we are going to call it Jubilatte! 


We just got back from spending time with the grandchildren in Florida and it was grandparents day at their school.  At the program, they sang this song!  It was so sweet and it was very timely because as I had been praying about what we needed to do this year at Habitué, a phrase that God brought to my mind had a form of this word in it – jubilantly engage!   I had gone to my computer to look up the word jubilantly and here is what I Iearned. 


Jubilantly = Elated, Triumphed, Rejoicing, Celebrating, Doing Handsprings, In a Joyous Manner!


We are at a critical point this year because we have some good goals to meet before we reach our 5th year.  As the owner, I will have to engage and work towards the vision and goals that we set before we even opened.  I believe that we will be successful, not because we are so great or capable, but because I remember all the things that God has done in the past and what we know He has promised for us now and the future!  Come celebrate our 4th birthday on the 26th of this month and try one of our special new lattes, the Jubilatte! 


Drink this special treat on any given day – just to remember that we have every reason to celebrate and raise a shout of joy!  I trust that you and I will have everything we need to be successful as we engage to do what God has put before us to do with the ability and passion that He supplies!  May God pour out His grace on each of you and bless your families and your work!  I speak “wellness” over every area of our lives and know that it really is possible for us to come out of chaos and into order that brings us to a life we never thought we could live!  Jesus is our great High Priest and we are changed by the power of His name and His blood.  We are transformed by His love.




We are promoting wellness at every level and walking it out day by day, finding our cadence. Stop in and ask how we are all doing in that and I hope that you can tell the difference. Thank you to my leadership team and I especially want to thank my life coach and partner – Mike Wells.  We are going to get there Mike!  Thanks for making this possible on every level.  I am personally being impacted and a lot of this has been catapulted by finally seeing my responsibility to take the next step physically, professionally, and interpersonally in humility.  Also taught to me and modeled to me by Mike – here it is:


Trusting God to be my defender and provider, not rationalizing my feelings, thoughts, or emotions. 


In that, I have been learning how to live out the truth and follow my heart, knowing and trusting that God is showing me the way and giving me the ability to do what only He can do in and through me. When I know it is a yes or a no, I can follow and obey and no time is wasted figuring out why or what to do.  As I pray and ask, He is making the way and showing it to me.  I want to encourage you that as you live in Christ, He is in you and the Spirit is showing you, just trust what you sense and align yourself with Him and the truth of scripture.  Move forward with the good works He has for you and be blessed!  The outworking’s of that will be much fruit and success!  Jubilate!  Shout for joy!



Cheryl Wells

Side by Side Ministries

Habitué Coffeehouse and Bakery