New to Habitué!

March 14, 2014

March is an exciting month at Habitué! We will be celebrating our 4th birthday and introducing many new and exciting things for you to enjoy. Keep reading for a preview of some things coming soon!


Sometimes 16 ounces isn’t enough! Starting in March, you will be able to enjoy any of our luscious  lattes in a 20 ounce size. That’s right! If you get to the bottom of your 16 ounce Toffee Temptation and have the feeling that you want just a little bit more, you’ll be happy because your wish is coming true! [Available around the middle of the month. We’ll keep you updated on the exact date.]



This latte looks pretty good doesn't it? Almost too good to drink! It’s called latte art. Latte art is much more than a pretty decoration on your latte.  It is a great indicator that the barista that made your latte has the skills and abilities to properly make a truly tasty drink for you. We are currently training all of our baristi on the art of creating beautiful latte art. We will be adding a new menu item to our already delicious offerings, a Jubilatte! It’s a 6 ounce drink that is made of espresso, steamed milk and silky foam with beautiful latte art on the top.  Keep a look out for some beautiful art in your lattes and cappuccinos! 




Drip coffee has been a standard for brewing coffee for decades. It’s a great method. We use it daily here at Habitué. As good as it is, we are introducing a new method for you to enjoy your coffee along side our drip and French Press coffees. It’s called Pourover coffee and it’s delicious! The Clever® Dripper combines the best features of French Press and Filter Drip Brewing. By adding a stopper to the filtercone, the Clever® Dripper combines control over steeping time with a sediment-free cup. In our trials preparing it, we used our House Blend and it brought out flavors we’ve never tasted before! [Available around the middle of the month. We’ll keep you updated on the exact date.]




We will soon be offering a bevy of new items to enhance your coffee experience while you are at home or the office. We’ve carefully selected items that are high in quality and coffee flavor output. We’ve decided to carry Capresso. Capresso is known to provide innovative coffee equipment for those who want the best. We know this because it’s what we use at home. [Available around the middle of the month. We’ll keep you updated on the exact date.] Some of the items we will be carrying:



We personally use these at home and in the office. They’re a great piece of equipment that’s easy to use. We will be carrying two models, one with a glass carafe and another with a steel thermal carafe. They come with steel burr grinders for a uniform grind. They are programmable so you can wake up each morning to the smell of your favorite coffee from Habitué. [Pictured left]



We are also including two different water kettles into our new product line. They are perfect for making pourover coffee, tea, and any other item you may need hot water without much delay. The teaC100 has 5 different temperature settings which is ideal for the tea drinker in your family. The H20 Plus is a fantastic option when you want to boil water quickly. It’s what we use to make pourover coffee in our offices. [Pictured left]



  • Clever® Dripper Pourovers,
  • Infinity Conical Burr Grinders,
  • Single Travel Cup Brewers,
  • Coffee Maker Cleaner
  • Charcoal Filters for Capresso Coffee Makers.