April 15, 2014

We live in a day and age where the music is loud, the people are bold, and the pace of life is only getting faster with every passing day. Because of this rapid change going on all around us, simply calling ourselves followers of Christ is not enough. We need to be radical. 


If we ever expect to defeat the enemy and fight the tides of time, we have to be bold, empowered, and on fire for God. God calls us out of the darkness for a direct purpose. He knows that we can speak of Him, and He knows that we can sit in a church pew for a few hours a week and go through the motions, but that’s not enough. God knows that we can handle the smaller things of the kingdom, but He’s calling us to do something so much greater. He’s calling us to be a generation on fire. It’s time to start a revolution here and now. 


God has called us to action, and in that we can rest in the promise that He will equip us for battle just the same. It’s time to rise up and be radical for the cause of Christ.