Sweet Relationships

August 12, 2014

August is always a sad month for us! Kids go back to school and our college students that came back to work at Habitué leave and there is always such a gap and an ache in our hearts. I remember being a mom and just dreading the end of summer. I loved having my kids home for those months and all the fun that we had as a family. Our family here at Side by Side Ministries and Habitué will surely not be the same when everyone goes back to their studies, but we know that it is important too! We know that in order to grow up and move forward in our life, we need to be diligent in our studies and those responsibilities that we are given that qualify us to do what is next for us. Side by Side Ministries is all about helping people to get from where they are, to where they need to be. Sometimes that is a lot of hard work. It could even mean a mentor or coach, and a contract that says that we need to limit what we are doing, so we can get really good at the one thing! Mike has a saying that he shares a lot with people – he who chases 2 rabbits doesn’t catch either one! 


We are really trying to be disciplined in our personal lives and our businesses. Here at Habitué, we have been talking about getting back to our vision and mission and really focusing on great coffee and we are a bakery! Look inside to see what is new with our baristas and our new coffee bar. We have dedicated the whole rest of this newsletter to our new menu items and drinks and how those drinks are made. 


So last month we told you we would make an announcement about our exciting news! We have been in relationship with Betty and Rod Vander Weide for many years and they have made some really significant cakes for our family celebrations through the years.  In fact, they have made a lot of cakes for many families in this region for over 40 years!  Betty’s Cakes  ( has a stellar reputation and we love their cakes so much that we have entered into a fruitful partnership with them and we will be the new home of Betty’s Cakes at Habitué Coffeehouse & Bakery!  Over time we will be “Betty’s Cakes” and we are purchasing their business and will learn over the next few years along with Betty and Mr. Betty – Rod!   We are excited for all of us!  We believe that in this partnership we will be able to get all of us from where we are, to where we need to be!   We have been preparing for this for some time and we are up to the challenge!  We believe with God’s blessing and hard work, that Habitué Coffeehouse & Bakery will be even stronger as we endeavor to come alongside of Betty’s Cakes and both of us will go from where we are, to where we need to be! 


Cheryl Wells

Side by Side Ministries

Habitué Coffeehouse and Bakery