We've Turned a Corner!

December 09, 2014

Okay, so my husband (Mike Wells) is a NASCAR fan and if I asked him what this means in a really fast race, I am sure it would also bring a whole new meaning to what I am about to write!  I don’t always get what is happening at the race when I am there, but I love to go and enter into his world.  You see, Mike, has been so willing through the years to enter into my world and even shows great joy by going there with me!  It’s been probably almost 8 years ago that we started really talking and planning for Habitué.   We had gone on a fall family vacation in our motor home with our two youngest children, Matt and Rachel.  Mike was driving down the interstate and we were conversing when I pulled out my word a day dictionary calendar.  The word for that day was habitué and I read it out loud.  The definition of habitué is a person who frequents a place that brings them pleasure.  Wow!   I loved that!  The next thing that came out of my mouth was this – “I want to call my coffeehouse that!”   We continued to talk about it and we were all in agreement!  I love agreement!


The very next year I took a trip with my youngest daughter, Rachel, and some really sweet girlfriends to Paris.  What a journey that was and we loved the Eiffel Tower!  I learned a very important lesson about pushing my daughter to walk up all the steps to the Tower when she was afraid of heights!   We ate lots of crepes and we went to Le Cordon Bleu for a bread baking class for two weeks.  Many fun and funny things happened on that trip that we will never forget.  It’s all about the journey and the things we learn along the way.  I many times wish that I could have learned it quicker though.


Yes, this writing is all about the learning curve.  We have had some real tough corners in our learning here at Habitué and I will just speak for myself.  That’s usually best and I have learned that the hard way in our 37 years of marriage and 40 years of following Jesus.  I would say that in our marriage and in my walk with Jesus that we are in the sweet times of resting in our love and most days I really love to follow Mike’s lead and the direction of the Spirit as He prompts me and directs my steps.  But that didn’t come easily!  The school of hard knocks has been my lifelong process and I have the degree to prove it!  God wants to do more with our life than we could ever imagine possible!


So starting a business at 50 is quite an undertaking for this woman!  I had never been in business before and I have no formal training for anything that I do! But I can truly say that I know what God has called me to do and He has provided each step.  Sometimes we have to try something to know that it is not what we should do, and for that I ask your forgiveness.  I believe that we are getting closer to our mission and vision and we are seeking and working to fulfill our purpose here at Habitué Coffeehouse & Bakery – and now the home of Betty’s Cakes at Habitué.  We love being at the table with you on any occasion. Rain or shine. We are doing this side by side and we have turned the corner!

By the way, I did ask Mike (after I wrote this) about the term “turning a corner” which is an idiom,  and he said very excitedly that in the world of car racing and the world of Wells’ that the hard stuff is behind us and we are in the home stretch!  To pass a critical point in a process and things are starting to improve after a very difficult period.  It is likely to make a difference in the future!  He also said that it is all about the corners and how your car is handling in the corners.  We wear out our tires in the corners!  Boy, can I relate to that!


I googled it also and was excited when I read that it means that your heart has changed and that you let go of an old way of being!  Also that you finally did what you’ve been intending for so long but didn’t quite know how!   Perhaps a new person or experience catapulted you like a strong wind in to a greater sense of possibility!  It all has something to do with loving yourself differently and allowing yourself to receive.  It said – maybe you realized that it’s not a corner you turned at all, but rather, your dance swirled you around to another view from the dance floor.



Cheryl Wells

Side by Side Ministries

Habitué Coffeehouse and Bakery



Our Vision:  To use coffee as a conduit for ministry

Our Mission: To provide the ultimate coffeehouse experience

Our NEW Purpose Statement:  To prepare a place where everyone is invited to the table.