Building On Our Past For a Delicious Future

July 29, 2015

Please check out our website and our Facebook page for lots of specials and information about our business and how we added on to our coffeehouse and bakery by purchasing Betty Cakes.  Betty’s Cakes has been in business now for 49 years and we are looking forward to that 50 mark!  If you did some research, you would learn that small businesses or even large businesses don’t usually make it to 50 years.  We know that Betty has done a lot of work through the years to keep her business sustainable and thriving. 


We are gathering testimonials from the past and also from current customers, that will convince you to choose our cakes for your family table every time.  It has been a wonderful partnering of two great bakeries that will make us stronger and more successful for another 50 years!  (Check out our Facebook page for comments & reviews)


We value you, as our customer and our consumer, and our bakery items and our coffee fare are indicative of that.  We won’t make you just any cake, and our recipes and our level of training for our bakers and decorators; reflect that in not only the taste of our cakes and baked goods but in the presentation. 


We can say the same about our brewed coffees and our espresso drinks too.  We chose to build a coffeehouse in our little community and again do it with excellence, paying attention to the details always.  From the beauty of our building to the taste of our coffee, with an emphasis on customer service and the relationships that we have built with each person that walks through our door – we can proudly and confidently say that we are achieving our mission and vision.  But we won’t rest in the achievements of our past, but will continue to strive to serve with our guarantee and our purpose in the forefront – not only for Habitué but now for Betty’s Cakes also. 


Our Purpose: To prepare a place where everyone is welcome at the table.

Our Guarantee: To provide the ultimate coffeehouse experience


Cheryl Wells

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