Automatic Delivery to Your Door!

January 12, 2016

Habitué Coffeehouse is happy to let you know about our new Coffee Subscription program. By subscribing to your favorite coffee you will enjoy the convenience of having your coffee automatically roasted and shipped out to you (at home or the office) based on the frequency of your choosing. This new Coffee Subscription program also provides a 5% discount on every bag of coffee included in your subscription. You'll never again have to remember to pick up coffee or start your day by finding your cupboards empty. All you have to do is pick the coffee you love and the delivery schedule you need and we'll do the rest! 

Our Coffee Subscription Program is fully customizable and can be modified at any time. Perfect if you want to try new coffee, get more coffee, change your delivery schedule, or postpone a shipment for a vacation. Take control of your coffee destiny and subscribe to your favorite coffee from Habitué today! Click here and choose what delicious coffees are going to show up on your doorstep!