The Importance of Lawn Maintenance

August 13, 2013

During the summer it’s hard to see our refrigerator. That’s often where all the announcements and invitations of the things we’re doing during the busy summer season end up. It’s full of graduation open house announcements, wedding invitations, postcards from vacation, all of the informational sheets for all the summer camps the kids are going to and the volleyball practice schedule for the summer. This time of the year always seems busy, doesn’t it?


This summer seems especially busy for our family. We’ve had a lot on the ‘frig this year. With the constant goings this summer I haven’t given our yard the attention it’s so desperately needed because I haven’t had the time to properly maintain it. In doing so, some of the grass has withered and even died. A couple of shrubs are clinging on for their lives. To top it off, some strange weed has started to overrun the grass in our back yard.


Did you notice the excuse I used? I didn’t have the time. Truth be told, I had the time. I carved time out of my summer schedule to see some of the movies on my “must see this summer” list. I’ve put my feet up on the coffee table on a perfectly beautiful night. I just put some of my own selfish desires ahead of weed prevention.


If we’re being honest, it’s not just the summer months that our calendars are full. For the most part, I would assume that most of us have something scheduled every day of the week, all year long. Our days start early and end late.


One day last week I had enough of the overgrown mess I had ignored. I needed to do some yard work. I couldn’t take it another day. I started with the most dangerous offender, the shrubs that line our driveway. There was a good chance that Sheila could hit someone walking down the sidewalk because the shrubs were taller than her car! As I was trimming the shrubs I looked in the backyard and noticed the foreign weeds growing there and was struck with a truth the Holy Spirit laid on my heart.



The word of God is alive an active. Sharper than any double-edged sword...      Hebrews 4:12a (NIV)



Jesus warns us of weeds in regards to our spiritual lives in Mark 4. In verse 18-19 He states that “Still others, like seed thrown among thorns (or weeds), hear the word; the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires of other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.”


If we don’t have a regular maintenance of fertilizers, insecticides and weed control for our lawns, we get some pretty strange weeds that start to overtake our soft, luscious lawn.


In the same way, if we let the weeds mentioned in Mark 4 run rampant in our lives, they will eventually start to choke out the goodness that God has planted in our lives. The weeds will slowly start to appear in our lives. Weeds of pride. Weeds of independence. Weeds of arrogance. Weeds of _______________ . (Insert the weed that grows quickly in your heart here.)


Our relationship with our Savior is a lot like a lawn. Just as our lawns need to be regularly maintained, so does our relationship with Christ. The same will happen to our relationship with our Father if we don’t cover our lives with daily doses of prayer and time in The Word. 


Hebrews 4:12 says “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” In relation to the lawn analogy we’re working on, I see the Word of God (The Bible) a lot like a lawn mower. But, it’s a lawn mower like no other. Like a regular lawn mower, it’s sharp, double-edged blades will cut down and decimate any weeds that may start to grow in your life. Here’s where it gets cool: with regular use, it will also fertilize and strengthen your walk with our God. (I wish Toro had a model that did that!)Spend time daily, (throughout your day!) in God’s Word. As you habitually seek out His guidance and wisdom found in Scripture, your spiritual lawn will be transformed into a lush garden. Will there be weeds that try to infiltrate? Absolutely. Be encouraged by how sharp God’s Word is in cutting down Satan’s weeds.


Is your refrigerator overloaded with things to occupy your calendar? Do you think you’re too busy to carve out time to spend in God’s Word? I would love to encourage you to make the time. Turn off the TV. Put down the novel. Get out of your routine. Throw a blanket in the middle of your backyard, lay down on it’s softness and get lost in The Word. It was written for you.


Holy Father, my prayer is that as we look at the layers of things on our refrigerators that we would not see excuses that keep you out, but rather see reasons TO seek you out. Lord, I pray that Your Word would vanquish the weeds that grow in our lives. May it’s richness be a treasure that becomes etched on our hearts, able to cut down the weeds that try to choke out Your goodness. I thank you that You are Your Word and as we meditate on it that we may draw closer to You. God, You are so good! Amen.


Tim LaBreche

Marketing & Social Media, Habitué
Communications Specialist, Side by Side Ministries
Owner & Designer, 1913 Designs